Once Upon a Time I Tried to Blog…

Every good story starts with, “Once Upon a Time.” Thus, it makes sense that a blog would to too.  Isn’t a blog essentially just a collection of short stories? A good one should be entertaining at least, and short enough so people will read it.

I’ve been fighting with starting this thing for months, and I finally took the dive to create a site this week as a joint adventure with my friend who runs Olympic Admin. We are both in the process of getting twitters and blogs spun up. Should be a wild ride.

Two days of planning later, and I am ready to start. (This is actually very quick for me, as I plan everything out very carefully, from purchases, to conversations)  I would have been even quicker at this if I did not get home from work today with a migraine that drained all of my energy. Such is life though. Moving on.

I wanted to start a technical blog in order to force myself to research SQL heavily. It should also be a good way to improve my writing skills. I plan to throw in my own twisted sense of humor along with some ranting about general IT projects, and perhaps a few blogs about role playing games. Eventually I hope this builds up my confidence to try public speaking at the local user group, but that’s another goal for later.

Setting up this blog, however, has been a horrible pain of indecision. I’ll explain why.

I Want Power: I actually hosted my own website for a few years in high school and college, and I think that is precisely the reason why it has been so hard to work with the free version of WordPress. I’m not used to having limitations on site layout. I don’t like where those headers are, I’ll just rearrange them…except I cannot find any way to edit the page settings! Seems nothing but the basics are free on WordPress, and I really mean basics. I can change the text and it taunts me with the ability to change colors, only to then demand a hundred dollars in return for a predetermined set of colors. I can only imagine it would cost ten times more for the ability to actually customize my colors. While I appreciate the simplicity of creation, there is really nothing allowed for free. It almost feels like a “Pay to Win” game. If this blogging thing works out, I will have to upgrade quickly because I want the ability to determine the full layout of my site. I want all the power.

I’m Lazy: I’ve been procrastinating about creating a blog for months, if not a year. Although I understand the technical benefit of writing and having to deep dive topics in order to look semi competent, the time requirement has long been a major deterrence. I like my free time, and I’m horribly lazy, so having to keep to a schedule, make updates, and write did not seem like much fun. Hopefully, I can keep my posts light-hearted enough to keep myself entertained while writing. If I entertain anyone who happens to read this, that is just a bonus.

Blogging is for Emo Kids: I still have the lingering mentality that blogs are juvenile wastes of time. Originally most people had blogs to rant about how dreadful their lives were. Remember Xanga? I do, sadly. Blogs still leave a bad taste in my mouth because of that, even after reading professional blogs for so long. Although I know a technical blog shouldn’t be like that, I cannot help but worry that my “Everything Else” title will creep into that dangerous zone of whining and crying like a stuck up child about not having enough candy and the sun not shining bright enough and how the world just isn’t fair. I mean, I complain about everything already, but I’ll try to not sound Emo about it.

I’m Not an Expert: This is the other big issue that has kept me from blogging. I’ve been in SQL for a relatively short period of time. Although I learn quick and I am relatively smart, there are many more people out there much more skilled than I am, with dozens more years of experience. With all those SQL bloggers out there, what could I possibly contribute, and how can I do so without looking foolish when I am not a master in the subject? Well, I have to keep telling myself I am going to blog to help myself learn, and share my professional growth. I’m not doing it to provide amazing insights to others. If I happen to provide some useful information to someone out there, awesome. I’ll be very proud, but if my blog is just for me, that is ok too. I’m going to do my best to blog about less common topics though, things that I have had to work on that has had relatively little documentation while searching the internet for answers.

Summary: I’m apprehensive about starting a blog, but I think it could be a fun endeavor, and it will help me grow both as a writer, and as a SQL professional. Welcome to SQL Sanctum.