Hyper-V VM Network Connectivity Troubleshooting

Last week I detailed my problems in creating a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V after not realizing that I had failed to press any key and thus start the boot process. Well, I had another problem with Hyper-V after that. Getting the internet working on my VM turned out to be another lesson in frustration. Worse, there was no good explanation for the problem this time.

Problem: A new VM has no internet connectivity even though a virtual switch was created and has been specified.


Solution: Getting the internet working on my VM was a multistep process, and I can’t really say exactly what fixed it. Here are the steps I tried though:


Sadly, that is the best advice I can give you. If you have created a virtual switch, and the internet isn’t working correctly, select everything, and then uncheck whatever settings you don’t actually want. It sounds screwy, but it worked for me. This forces the VM to reconfigure the settings and resets connectivity.

Supposedly the only important setting on the virtual switch properties would be to ensure that you have Allow management operating system to share this network adapter. That will allow your computer and your VM to both have internet access. When I first set this, however, the PC lost internet while the VM had an incredibly slow connection. Needless to say, that was not good enough. Disabling the option did nothing but revert back to my original problem though.

For good measure, I then checked Enable virtual LAN identification  for management operating system. Nothing special still, but I left it to continue troubleshooting. Later, I would uncheck that feature, but I wanted results first.


Next I went into the Network Adapter properties and checked Enable virtual LAN identification. This is another setting I would later turn back off.


Finally I restarted my PC, restarted the Virtual Machine, and for some reason, I then had consistent internet on both the VM and the PC.

Ultimately, the problem was that features needed to be reset. I’m still not sure specifically which one had to be turned on and off again, but toggling everything and restarting worked well enough for me in this case. I was just tired of fighting with it by the time it was working.

At least now I have a VM running JAVA so it won’t touch my real Operating System.