Fixing Hotkeys in SQL 2012

A colleague was working in SQL Management Studio as usual today when he tried to hide the results pane using Ctrl + R. It didn’t work though. He hit it a few more times. Nothing. Finally, in frustration, he asked if anyone knew what was going on. I had encountered this exact problem awhile back and had to look up a fix, so I rolled over to help. It took a few moments, but after pulling up the menu, I was able to direct him to the proper place to revert the settings. (and not create a custom hotkey like I did when this happened to me originally)

Starting with SQL Server 2012, Microsoft decided to simplify their hotkeys to follow the style of Visual Studio. The problem is, for us SQL folks, we don’t know those hotkeys. More importantly, most of us are stuck in our ways with no desire to change something that works. Just take a look at the new hotkey. It’s ridiculous.


2 keys or 4, your choice


Microsoft, in their finite wisdom, realized that some people might not like this change, and kept a simple interface option to revert back to original hot keys. You can find the fix under the Tools menu -> Options.


From there, expand Environment, then select Keyboard. At the top of the dialog box you will see a drop down about keyboard mapping scheme. Select Default or hit Reset. Then press OK and you should be good to go.


I always get lost in the options, so I blog so I don’t have to remember


Now when you press Ctrl + R, it should once again Show/Hide the Results pane. The default hotkey option will change some others as well, probably most notably Execute goes from Ctrl + Shift + E back to F5 and Execution Plan hot keys get simplified. Sadly, if you use multiple computers to run SSMS, you’ll have to make this adjustment on each of them.


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